Asia - The Moment

The diverse, vibrant and multi-cultural fabric of the Asian landscape has long been synonymous with conservative traditional values and tried-and-tested methods of business. However, in recent decades an emergent shift towards cutting-edge business excellence has gained increasing prominence.

During the 20th century, the intra-Asia interface witnessed a period of change due to West-centric economic and political equations. But the process of rediscovering the old bonhomie is now well underway at a time when Asia is witnessing an economic boom amid Western economic gloom. As the economic power centre shifts from West to East, Asia's growing confidence is reflected in its high economic growth rates, as well as its share of global mergers and acquisitions. This economic dynamic is, simultaneously, impacting Asia's significance in the international political realm. Together, they represent exciting opportunities for a collectively-beneficial Asian synergy that has the potential to make this a truly Asian century.

The Asian Business Leadership Forum Series is geared towards addressing these evolving and historic developments through a twin process of celebration and introspection with the involvement of prominent leaders and stakeholders in the pre-eminent sectors of Industry, Infrastructure and Energy.