The ABLF Series

The Asian Business Leadership Forum Series is an ambitious amalgamation of the Asian Business Leadership Forum and the Asian Business Leadership Forum Awards. The growing need for collaboration among corporations and visionary business leaders in different parts of the world and the accelerated global economic change is the underlying driver for the Series. While the ABLF Awards celebrates Asian achievements, the ABL Forum dives deep into the analysis of business aspects of Industry, Infrastructure and Energy.

The Asian Business Leadership Forum, essentially a knowledge-based event, is an exceptional Asian industry and business platform backed by a panel of prominent leaders, policy-makers, academia, media and opinion leaders of core industries across Asia.

The Asian Business Leadership Forum Awards are Asia's premier showcase of exemplary business enterprise in the dynamic sectors of Industry, Infrastructure and Energy - the key drivers of the global economy. It showcases extraordinary business achievers and pays tribute to outstanding leaders from the Asian nations.

The central theme of the ABLF Series reflects on the varied emerging opportunities in the region. Having recovered strongly from the 2008/2009 economic downturn, it showcases how Asia could continue to evolve and spearhead future economic growth. It also serves as a networking opportunity for the stakeholders engaged in the sectors of industry, infrastructure and energy to further their individual and collective interests.